An open letter to Mr. Granger and Mr. Jagdeo

An open letter to Mr. Granger and Mr. Jagdeo

Dear Leaders,

My history is as such, I fought the PNC dictatorship, I fought the PPP to help put the coalition in power. I lost my job and nearly lost my house. We as human beings are capable of sacrifices.
Can you, the two leaders of the two parties, please put Guyana first for a change? The squabble, regardless of how it commenced, has resulted in Guyana not fulfilling its potential; has resulted in a country with so much resources being the poorest in this hemisphere; has resulted in so much suffering of our people, both physically and mentally.

I recall in a letter to the press before the last elections, I called for the two parties to sit at the table to work out a solution. I am making this call again. How about you President Granger calling upon Bharat Jagdeo, as he seems to be the leader of the PPP, to sit at the table and discuss some form of power-sharing arrangement?

Give both parties equal seats, with a few going to the three small parties with the highest votes – 31 seats each with three going to small parties. Divide the Ministries. If you cannot agree, then put them all in a bag and pull.

Move quickly to do the following in good faith and putting country first: –
1. Fast track the process to constitutional change.
2. Set up independent Judicial, Public Service, Integrity, Procurement and Ethnic Relations Commissions.
3. Put your heads together; utilise the diaspora and local experts and renegotiate the oil contracts.
4. Ensure unity in the face of Venezuelan threats.
5. Continuous joint appearances on all media calling for national reconciliation.
6. Commence playing our patriotic songs on all channels and teaching same in our school system.
7. Joint effort in the preparation of our budget, by involving the Private sector, the church, Trade unions and other experts.

Please gentlemen, if you have one iota of care for this beautiful country and beautiful people, sit at the table and end this destructive battle for electoral victory. The vast majority of our people remain at subsistence level, but battle each other for victory of a set of leaders.

Constitutional change would then restructure the process, as I believe there must be an opposition for the purposes of checks and balances. Think about this!

Rajendra Bisessar

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