An appeal to the Coalition and PPP for the first 100 days in office

An appeal to the Coalition and PPP for the first 100 days in office

Dear Editor,

One of the above two major parties will form the government because the people are voting for race and not voting for happiness and issues. My appeal within the first 100 days as a minimum is as follows:
1. Form a legal committee, comprising 1 person from each party in government, 1 person from each trade union, one UG, one PSC, 1 Chamber of Commerce, 1 Private Sector, 1 Public Service i.e. representation from each group, to represent all Guyanese for the items below. All existing commissions to have similar composition.
2. Constitution Reform – no cosmetics
3. Remove tender board from government control. Government must have a “no objection”.
4. Royalty on oil to be negotiated to be 10%.
No objection to all costs/expenditures – this is not renegotiation, but implied in the oil contract, since the government is an integral partner in the PSA. List all activities of works, 4 M`s – man, money, material, machine, with the associated estimated cost. Government will verify cost from other oil companies/ countries, looking at best practices, and if acceptable, will then give a “No Objection.”
5. Employment – consider balanced ethnicity/ qualifications priority.
6. Have power sharing as a trial with other parties for one or two years, if workable continue.
7. Reform GECOM and all other commissions.

Joe Persaud (Canada)

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