Amerindians need to vote for Shuman to stop PPP, APNU victimisation

Amerindians need to vote for Shuman to stop PPP, APNU victimisation

Dear Editor,

After hundreds of years of unbridled marginalisation, Amerindians are on the cusp of seizing their destiny and fixing their salvation. But the PPP and PNC/APNU don’t want that. They want to keep colonising Amerindians within their own communities like they have for decades. Victimisation is real. There are PPP and APNU henchmen in these Amerindian communities using nasty fear tactics to try to suppress the Amerindian vote. These ethnic scamps want Amerindians to sacrifice their last chance to really shape their destiny. They want Amerindians to surrender to them so they could advance the PPP and APNU’s ethnic domination over Amerindians.

A vote for Shuman is the most pivotal thing the Amerindian community can do to save themselves. Amerindians need to park their fear and literally give the index finger to the PPP and APNU on election day while voting for Shuman. Any mistake from Amerindians will be fatal to their survival. There are already more than 36,000 Venezuelans in Guyana and most are in areas where Amerindians live. This invasion happened in a matter of a few years. It is going to get worse with Guyana’s economic takeoff. By the next election cycle, we could have close to 100,000 Venezuelans in this country and probably hundreds of thousands of other immigrants from the surrounding region. Amerindians are about to be numerically obliterated in their communities. They need to stop worrying about fear and victimisation and vote for Shuman to literally save them. They can save themselves using Shuman.

Shuman is real power for the Amerindian people. Amerindians can deliver a few seats to Shuman to force a minority government. That makes Shuman the kingmaker. He calls the shots. He gets what he wants from the government. The government cannot victimise Amerindians if Shuman holds the balance of power because he can strike back and bring the government down. Shuman can force major concessions if he holds the balance of power. He can use that power to advance Amerindian rights faster and better than anyone ever has. He will use that power to make serious constitutional change that benefits all Guyanese and the Amerindian people in particular.

All Amerindians have to do is vote for control of their future. They have to take this opportunity or forever lose out in a rapidly changing Guyana. They will not get a better opportunity with a charismatic Amerindian leader in Shuman just as Guyana is entering into a period of oil wealth. If they succumb to fear and miss this boat, they will pay a terrible price. Africans and Indians vote for their own ethnic parties to deal with their fear of victimisation. Why shouldn’t Amerindians?

In the secret chamber of the ballot box, Amerindians can fight back by backing Shuman. Shuman is their saviour. If they give him a few seats, he holds the balance of power. The PPP and APNU are at his mercy. He can break the prison Amerindians live in under PPP and APNU domination. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain. He wants every Amerindian vote next time. Guyana needs Amerindians to save it. To hell with fear, grab the future now.

Yours faithfully,

M. Maxwell

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