Allow dual citizens in House

Allow dual citizens in House

Dear Editor,

“Y’all cut n’ run to get rich overseas”.

“Y’all stay right deh”

“We gat oil now; we don’t need Y’all nor Y’all remittances”.

“We rich, rich”.

“We gon be oil Sheikhs”.


Seriously speaking, what role should the Guyanese Diaspora play in Guyana’s development, if any?

Does having dual citizenship make Guyanese living abroad less loyal and less patriotic than those who stayed in Guyana?

Many Guyanese living abroad already play an active role in Guyana’s development. Directly and indirectly through their advocacy.

The Guyana Constitution should be updated to allow dual-nationality Guyanese to serve as MPs provided they have resided in Guyana for a period of five years. This is because the Guyana Constitution never envisaged half of all Guyanese living abroad.

Yours faithfully,

Sean Ori

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