All of GECOM’s actions since NCM are now highly suspicious

All of GECOM’s actions since NCM are now highly suspicious

Dear Editor,
A constitutional body that taxpayers spend billions of dollars on every year has now lost all credibility and cannot remain the same due to what unfolded over the last few weeks and suspiciously since the No-Confidence Motion (NCM) in Dec 2018.
Looking at the body of evidence, it is now apparently clear, the deliberate attempts of stalling the calling of elections since the NCM was orchestrated and succeeded as the country had to endure countless delays before elections could be held.

Additionally, the blatant attempt at pushing the APNU/AFC party in front while doing everything in its power to derail the smaller parties is now also very clear based on testimony and their actions reported on “nomination day”.

Now, we have also just witnessed before our very eyes and the world the shameful and clear attempt to bypass procedures and crookedly declare unverified results of the 2020 general election which makes me question all of GECOM’s actions over the last year and half and perhaps even that of the previous elections as testimony suggesting their involvement in pushing the results of the 2015 elections.

These are serious and damning allegations and one cannot help but be left in utter amazement at the extent of all of it and the seemingly clear betrayal to itself and country.
The question must now be asked, was GECOM deliberately playing delay tactics when the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ratified the NCM and insisted that elections be held in the timeframe outlined in the Constitution?

It is now apparently clear in mind, based on the body of evidence seen and heard that the cogs on the wheel started since the NCM and along with the Granger Government, a plan was hatched to infiltrate GECOM for the purpose of having a “backup” to rig elections if and when poll numbers stated to look unfavourable.

The actions of GECOM should now forever change the makeup and systems within the body as well as the public should now demand that we relook at how public servants serve in these very important bodies, even regulatory agencies.

Massive overhaul of the system has to be done due to what the world has seen unfold on social media and in the presence of international observers.
The pain and haemorrhage inflicted upon Guyana since the NCM has left an indelible mark on the country’s psyche and its people. Race relations have become progressively worse and distrust is now at an all-time high.
GECOM’s complicitness in all of this, as well as the actions of the former Justice, will forever make all state institutions suspect from this day forward.

I recommend that now “mandatory” lie detector tests should be considered for important positions in these bodies, at least twice yearly.
The ethnic makeup of employees in these bodies should be looked at due to the serious problem of “racial voting” and bias that exists in Guyana as we clearly see the ethnic makeup in almost every state body is terribly one-sided and in a land that boasts 6 different races.

The inability of public servants to be neutral and serve the nation regardless of creed, colour or political affiliation is a serious problem and we must find ways to remedy this.
Public servants need to have their feet held to fire because they cannot serve two masters (the Guyanese public and their political party of choice).

This particular problem exists on both sides as it is not uncommon to see “Agency Heads” on the campaign trail for their favourite political party (eg as seen recently the EPA Head campaigning for the APNU/AFC).

In closing, I would like to add that the Guyanese public cannot ignore this virus brewing in state bodies (much less constitutional ones)—they can change the course of our history if we do not address them.

Finally Editor, the most disturbing and why I question everything from GECOM since the NCM is we clearly see a body prepared to trample on democracy, its integrity, and perhaps didn’t mind having the country as a whole burn for a dictatorship to prevail—this I believe should be considered traitorous and criminal charges should be sought for all involved.

Whatever little respect we had left as a country has totally eroded and now will make Guyana ever more like a lamb to slaughter in a time when so much prosperity is expected to come our way, it will make re-negotiation of the one-sided oil deal even more harder.
Indeed, Editor, I put forward that the public should now demand that it “cannot” be business as usual for GECOM and other state agencies in this country if we are to build and move forward with efficiency and integrity.

We must insulate these bodies from the influence of politicians as much as possible if we are serious of addressing the roots of corruption and bringing balance to the system.

With regards,
A Persaud

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