All is revealed

All is revealed

Dear Editor,
The events from Tuesday, March 3 to Sunday, March 8 have revealed the following:
·        APNU/AFC is an undemocratic institution just like its predecessor, the PNC.
·        GECOM through its executive attempted several times to fabricate the results and perpetuate electoral fraud for APNU/AFC’s benefit. This points to collusion at the very top of these institutions.
·        The Chair of GECOM is compromised for she remained silent while the attempts at rigging were carried out.
·        The Chair is now seeking shelter under the same Constitution she knew was being violated by GECOM’s executive while she stayed silent in an adjacent room.
·        The verification of the votes will be resisted by GECOM and APNU/AFC because it will confirm collusion.
·       Elements of the police are working in tandem with APNU/AFC and GECOM. Witness the Commander’s transfer.
·        Evidence points to a PPP/C victory by a sizeable margin and this is reinforced by the actions of APNU/AFC and GECOM.
·        The international community is keen to have a democratically elected Government in Guyana.
·        On Thursday, March 5 the international community, local observers and the Opposition parties saved Guyana from a certain coup d’état.
·        Dr Karen Cummings’ intimidation of the international observers in the presence of the US Ambassador and others is a good measure of the level of desperation in APNU/AFC camp.
·        Against the backdrop of possible sanctions, a large segment of the population is either morally bankrupt or extremely gullible for they stay silent while the onslaught against democracy is taking place.

I trust the court will act in an expeditious manner so that order and rule of law are restored at the earliest.

Ravi Ram

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