After 3 strikes, Lowenfield must be given out

After 3 strikes, Lowenfield must be given out

Dear Editor,
It would appear that GECOM CEO Keith Lowenfield either has a charmed life or a “godfather” in high places. Whatever the reason, over the past three-plus months, it has not mattered how many egregious and deliberate spanners he has thrown into the carefully integrated machinery of GECOM, he still remains poised to continue in the same vein, following the decision of the CCJ later this week. This will not do.

In the first instance, after his RO Clairmont Mingo confabulated Reg Four SoPs, even as there was a resort to the courts citing Mingo for contempt in not following the clear instructions of the High Court, Lowenfield yet used the concocted figures to create the report he submitted to the Commission, showing APNU/AFC as the winner and which the Chair held in “abeyance”, without explicitly rejecting it and censuring Lowenfield.

The second Lowenfield infraction came after the recount when he arbitrarily awarded himself the powers of an elections court to evaluate the “irregularities” APNU/AFC had wildly thrown up during the recount process and in preparing his report disqualified 275,000 persons. This report, which again showed the APNU/AFC winning, was not accepted by the Commission and he was told to utilise the figures from the Certificates of Recount. He was not penalised for his gross overreach.

The third infraction came after the Court of Appeal ordered a three-day stay on all GECOM proceedings following a petition to prevent a declaration and ruled that only “valid votes” must be counted. This, as a matter of fact, was what the recount process had produced.

Lowenfield, however, took it upon himself to announce (incorrectly) that he was a constitutional officer and had been given the authority by the COA to prepare his report of “valid and credible” votes. This he did and disqualified 115,000 voters this time to give APNU/AFC a win once again. And once again, he was not disciplined nor cited by the Commission or Chair.

The CCJ is about to rule on the status of the votes coming out of the recount. It is beyond belief that the Commission and the Chair of GECOM will use Lowenfield as the person to effectuate the apex court’s ruling.
The Chair must move expeditiously to declare that after three strikes, Lowenfield is out.

David Ingram

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