AFC must quit this unholy alliance

AFC must quit this unholy alliance

Dear Editor,

I have studied the various revelations of the recent general and regional elections of Guyana. I am of the informed view that the process was conducted in a law-abiding manner until the Region 4 results were being tabulated and pronounced upon.

Like Mr. Dominic Gaskin, and other former colleagues of the AFC, have observed, I am also not sufficiently convinced that the polling results purportedly declared by the Returning Officer (RO) for Region 4 accurately reflected the statements of poll (SOPs) from the 897 polling stations.

Without deviation, all the national and international observers and diplomatic corps, plus all the contesting political parties, other than the lone APNU+AFC, doubted the credibility of the Region 4 tabulation process and declaration. Even member parties of the APNU coalition are expressing frustration about the dubious count. Most recently, the Justice For All Party broke rank with the hardliners of the APNU+AFC democracy defectors. I am convinced that the cascade has earnestly begun against the unfolding travesty.

I publicly applauded the principled stance some of the AFC executives took when Justice (r’td)

James Patterson was illegally appointed as GECOM’s chairman. I am appealing to you to do likewise and speak out against the illegal actions of GECOM, in particular, the unlawful declaration of the Region 4 results by the Returning Officer (RO), Mr. Clairmont Mingo.

The AFC was born out of the lofty ideals of democratic values. However, it has lost its way after being overwhelmed by unaligned attributes from its association with elements endowed with dictatorial DNA.

I am making a public appeal for the AFC to immediately leave the unholy alliance with the monstrosity that has been unleased on our country and people. This is your moment to redeem yourselves. I am beckoning you to heed my call before it is too late. I had the foresight to predict the AFC’s misfortunes at the embryonic stage of the Coalition. I protested but I was vilified and hounded out of the Party.  This is your chance to untangle yourselves from the evil web. Don’t contribute any further with your silence or acquiescence to Guyana becoming a dictatorship and a pariah State.

Yours faithfully,

Tameshwar N Lilmohan

President (Resigned): AFC Canada Chapter

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