Abuse of the Court

Abuse of the Court

Dear Editor,

I am tired of the country being held to ransom. It is time to end this nonsense. The coalition recognizes that it lost the election, so now it seeks the court to give it a victory. It is tantamount to abusing the court to realize its goal. The court can’t hand the coalition a victory.

I appeal to the coalition to end litigation of the election matter. There has been countless election adjudication – case after case, all repeating themselves over the same issues. The way judicial matters proceed this election will not come to an end as there may be more litigation after this one concludes.

After this matter before the High Court is disposed of, no more appeals please. We are near completion of five months since the election was held. When will it all end? The court should not entertain flimsy, frivolous challenges and allow GECOM to make a declaration.

One recalls that in May 2015, the PPP requested a recount and it was promised but never carried out. Also, in order to expedite a declaration, the PPP was not allowed to file a court petition before the official declarations when requests for recounts were not carried out. GECOM officials and court judges could not be found. Fake Statements of Polls were introduced into the system used for the declaration. Lowenfield was in charge of the preparation of the final count for declaration. There were reports that without fake statements, the PPP would have won.

PPP was not allowed to file court cases until after a declaration, which it did. It would not be fair now for the court to tolerate ongoing, non-stop court cases to prevent an expedited declaration. The election must come to an end. The court must not tolerate frivolous matters. The court cannot be the substitute for GECOM, which must move quickly to make a declaration as GECOM did in 2015 so that aggrieved parties can proceed to court.

Yours truly,
Shawn Simmons

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