A warning to those contemplating more rigging

A warning to those contemplating more rigging

Dear Editor,
GECOM and APNU/AFC are keeping their own SOPs hidden, for if either set is released, it would ruin whatever plans they have to commit further fraud. In addition, it would confirm earlier electoral fraud and PPP/C victory.
I am sure the riggers in APNU/AFC and GECOM are considering altering the SOPs and tampering with the ballot boxes, but these things are easier said than done. The objective is to get the various pieces to fit seamlessly together, which in my opinion is not possible.

First, at least two sets of the authentic SOPs with signatures of the presiding officers, party representatives and observers are in the public domain, and those have not been challenged, for obvious reasons.

Secondly, there are many, some unknown, logistical and arithmetical challenges to overcome with the ballot boxes. The known I will not itemize for obvious reasons.

Thirdly, the diplomatic community would never take such a strong position, unless they did their homework.
APNU/AFC and GECOM’s earlier attempts at rigging have already been exposed. Two egregious examples were revealed at Soesdyke and Herstelling, where votes cast exceeded registered voters.

In the current scenario, if further electoral fraud is committed, it would be easy to spot, and likewise easy to identify the perpetuators.
Potential riggers are therefore warned of the futility of any such attempt, and to resist enticement; unless they wish to share the fate of Mingo and others, who are far too invested to change course now. On this note, I would be disappointed if Mingo and others are not prosecuted for electoral fraud.

Potential riggers should also take note of how Granger has insulated himself, which means others will have to take the fall when the time comes.

If the Grangers are the decent and forthright people they claim to be, the family should assemble all of APNU/AFC’s SOPs and tabulate the result of the March 2 election for themselves.

Kind regards,
Ravi Ram

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