A shining example in these dark times

A shining example in these dark times

Dear Editor,

For a while now, I wanted to publicly recognize the courageous act of Mr. Dominic Gaskin as one of the few bright spots in these dark times.
His example is important not just for this immediate period but for the future.
He has displayed great integrity, courage and a strong democratic stance when he came out openly to urge his colleagues to concede and stop the ridiculous attempt to take power illegally and undemocratically.
When you compare his stance to those of his colleagues, he looms very large.
For instance, we have all heard the recording in which Mr. Ramjattan was thanking his staff because as he said; “…the numbers are against us”. Yet he, instead of standing up for truth and democracy, has chosen to take a stand against the people and our Constitution.

Another senior member of the coalition is Moses Nagamootoo, a man who has become one of the foulest defenders of the theft of an election. This is a man who beat his chest about freedom, etc. He wrote extensively about PNC and rigging of elections. Yet today, having benefitted from the massive corruption and the various manipulations, is defending the fraud.

The PNC leadership, President David Granger, the maximum leader, while paying lip service to procedures has done everything to frustrate the democratic process.
This is the same man who called Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, then Chairperson of CARICOM, and agreed to have a recount. Lo and behold, he has reneged on that position!
Now you see why he is being described as a ‘Sanctimonious Gangster’?

This behaviour is, however, in keeping with PNC’s traditions. Recall in 1997, they agreed to Voters’ ID Cards. They voted in the National Assembly to change the law to allow the use of the Voter ID Cards.
When they lost those elections, they went to court saying the Voters’ ID Cards were unconstitutional.
I wonder if these riggers and the benefactors of the rigging have ever stopped to ponder on the harm, they are doing to our country generally and to the moral health of mainly our youths.

For those who continue to follow and support them, they are actually telling people that fraud, thievery and corruption are ‘good’ things. This is the example they are portraying. We will be counting the costs for years to come.
That is why Dominic Gaskin’s example stands out. No doubt, he must be enduring a lot of attacks from his colleagues, but he is making no compromise to fraud.

When one takes into consideration that he has family links to the President, it is all the more significant.
It is just a pity that in the leadership of the PNC/APNU/AFC alliance, he is the only one that has displayed integrity and respect for the will of the people. He is really the only good example that has ever emerged from the ranks of the cabal.

Donald Ramotar

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