A gross act

A gross act

Dear Editor,

The recent display of a coffin representing the GECOM chairperson is a gross, reprehensible and egregious act. It is a shame that no political leader of either of the main parties has sought to condemn such acts especially given that 1) the holder of the position was agreed upon by both parties; b) it is a historic milestone for women in leadership in Guyana and c) in a climate intensified by COVID 19, violence against women is still a pervasive issue plaguing the society.

For anyone who may have viewed the video posted on social media, this letter is not targeting the participants within the video but rather questioning the authenticity of political leaders and the concerns of their country folk. I am discouraged, unenthused and frustrated presently but the present situation has exposed a lack of courage, will and responsibility among the political leaders.

Yours faithfully,

Lisa Edwards

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