A good house cleaning within the entire political class is long overdue

A good house cleaning within the entire political class is long overdue

Dear Editor,

There appears to be a new flock of sheep bleating off in the distance. Some spotted and some striped, but all wandering in the wilderness. One group forgot about the working class and doubled their own paycheck instead and the other group could not keep cohesion in their own party much less build it within the Nation. The rampant fraud being uncovered by the current incumbent party says clearly to all voters that the best interest of the people was not the top priority during the last five years.

The standard and level of expectations we set for our public officials must be of the highest levels of honesty and integrity. This has yet to be seen. Hopefully the fragile nature of our politics will now maintain pressure on all involved to keep to the straight and narrow. Uncovering corruption becomes easier as voters hold elected officials accountable at the ballot every five years. The days of a free pass because of party affiliation is coming to an abrupt end and the promise of an independent voice in politics has been shown to require a very high standard of professionalism & objectivity that many of the old political class have struggled to accept and appreciate.

There has and will continue to be such a thing as what is honesty and what is not being honest, what is good governance and what is not good governance. At the end of the day the voters and citizens of Guyana win every time an administration is held accountable for failure to govern for the long term benefit of all.

Comrades, the measures of success continue to be the same. The level of health, safety and welfare of all citizens, the effectiveness of the rule of law, the level of unemployment and economic growth and the ability of our citizens to grow individually within a civilized society.

These are just some of the fundamental building blocks that good governance stands firmly upon. When a government loses focus of this they stand upon the beach during high tide and their footing is never trustworthy.

On an optimistic note, it does give a glimmer of hope that the respect for and trust in our legal system to settle disputes in a civilized manner continues to be a guiding light within a more aggressive world. Don’t give up as yet my friends. A good house cleaning within the entire political class is long overdue and will bring with it a breath of fresh air which can revitalize the level of competitiveness within our governance structure. In such an environment we the citizens of this great Nation stand to always benefit in the correct way, not just for ourselves, but also for all future generations.

Yours faithfully,

Jamil Changlee


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