A despicable act

A despicable act

Dear Editor,

In what is now a viral video, I watched in dismay as one of our health care providers was attacked by a mob of opposition supporters while on her way home. The nurse and her colleagues were visibly traumatised by the action of the mob. This heinous act could have resulted in more than just a damaged windscreen. What if that projectile had struck the driver of the vehicle? Just the thought of the horrifying scenarios that could have occurred if that were the case, gives me chills.

It is truly sad when our health care providers become targets during political disputes. Those attackers in their ignorance and vitriol failed to realise that by harming that young lady, it could have resulted in the loss of a precious life and invaluable human resource that they rely on, when in their infirmity.

The attack on that young lady should be seen as an attack on all health care providers in Guyana, as it could have been perpetrated against any member of the health care fraternity. I have worked with and learned much from many nurses while working in the health sector and to see such a dastardly act being carried out against one of these pillars of health care, hurts. I stand in solidarity with that young nurse and her colleagues.

What galls me is the silence of the various local and international bodies condemning this act. Where is the apology by the Opposition over the conduct of their supporters? Their conduct could have resulted in the young lady and her colleagues being severely hurt or worse. We keep hearing comments being made by political and social activists about the elections but I have yet to hear anyone comment on this despicable act.

Yours faithfully,
Ryan Carryl

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