A defining moment for those fighting for democracy

A defining moment for those fighting for democracy

Dear Editor,

There is an old African proverb that says, “if you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” Given Guyana’s lagging development status, we need to go far quickly. Unfortunately, the only place David Granger and the rigging cabal have and continue to take Guyana quickly is in a downward spiral of social, political, and economic ruin that will take many years to recover from. The longer this war of attrition plays out, the worse off the country will become. As a result, the destiny of hundreds of thousands of Guyanese is being controlled by the obnoxious actions of a few.

Perhaps what is more nauseating about this rigging conspiracy is that it is primarily perpetrated by a small group of grumpy old men who have enjoyed their fat cat salaries and Cadillac lifestyles over the last five years and counting but are now determined to destroy the future prospects of young Guyanese. Obviously, they are not doing Guyana any favours as their actions may only encourage further brain drain at a time when the country needs its best and brightest to stand up and help manage the nascent oil sector.

With less young and educated Guyanese around to confront the despotic tendencies of Granger and his acolytes, maybe the APNU+AFC believes they can conjure up enough support to squash whatever resistance may remain. How-ever, what Granger and his cabal fail to realize is that times have changed, and this generation of Guyanese will challenge them to the bitter end to ensure that their rights and their freedoms are not trampled upon or stolen in the vilest manner.

The recent introduction of visa restrictions by the United States on those undermining Guyana’s democracy is a welcome sigh of relief and a vital first step to restoring our fledgling democracy. With Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European Union expected to follow with sanctions of their own very soon, young Guyanese should remain assured that the international community is fully behind them. There is no turning back now and hopefully, all their hard work will soon pay-off.

In his inaugural address, President Kennedy noted that “in every country in the world, the hope is that every generation must fare better than the one that came before.” For this generation of Guyanese fighting for democracy, this is your defining moment; your moment of truth. Like those that have come before, you deserve better. Rise and be counted.

Yours faithfully,

Omchand Mahdu

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