A dark day in Guyana’s history

A dark day in Guyana’s history

Dear Editor,

The events of the last Thursday have placed our country into infamy and have served to darken the bright prospects that awaited the nation and its people.
For the FITUG, we have little doubt, that there is a clear plan to snatch away the will of our people. The plan which has unfolded over recent days has sorely undermined our democratic foundation which is cherished by all Guyanese.
The clear assault on the rule of law and long-standing principles cannot be countenanced or embraced by any right-thinking organisation and the democratic-loving peoples of our nation.

While we have recognised that several international and local bodies have condemned and criticised the manoeuvres over the last day, APNU+AFC, it appears to us, is unfazed. Clearly, if Mr. Granger’s remarks are anything to go by, there is a clear intent to disregard principles, practices and law. We have, indeed, sincere apprehension that a tabulation of the Statements of Poll (SOPs) concerning Region Four would be accurate, given the apparent compromising of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

It has been several hours since those SOPs have been imprisoned away from the watchful eyes of the opposition political parties and the local and international observers. Indeed, it is our firm view, that manipulations could have been pursued to justify the unverified results.

March 05, 2020 will now be remembered as one of the darkest days in our country’s history. It will be recalled as the day when the expressions of the Guyanese people, through their votes, were simply trampled upon. It will stand out as the notorious day when those who are charged with being impartial, without any regard or seeming remorse, have sold-out the will of the people. This occurs when the champions of decency and honesty celebrate and our nation weeps.

While our country has indeed arrived at a crossroad, it is not time to be despondent or dejected. It is a time for our people, irrespective of their background, to stand up, to speak out and to let their voices be heard. We must let those who seek to rollback our gains, violate our rights and disrespect our will. We must let them know that they will not succeed in their nefarious plans and ploys.

It is time for a new wave of struggles, a new wave of resistance and a new wave of unstinted activism, as we seek to protect our rights, to protect our people, to protect our nation, and, indeed, protect our future.
We of the FITUG stand with the Guyanese people to demand that democracy be upheld and that credible, verifiable and justifiable elections results are declared, in keeping with lawful practice, in the interest of the Guyanese nation.

Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG)

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