“A case for treason”

“A case for treason”

Dear Editor,
I read with interest a piece in your daily newspaper, Guyana Times of Sunday, March 22, 2020, appearing on page 5 written by one Mr Leyland Chitlall Roopnaraine.
It was a very well written and refreshing narrative, and I wish to say that I compliment the writer, as I fully support his views with respect to making a case for treason.

I, therefore, feel that as soon as the new Government gets sworn in, that is to say, the PPP/C, and with Mr Mark Phillips as our main point man, the new Prime Minister, by the Chancellor, that the following take place within 100 days of Phillips assuming the Prime Ministerial portfolio of our Beautiful Guyana: that all evidence is accumulated and placed in a file by a, perhaps, joint team effort comprising of Caricom law enforcement officials and Guyanese law enforcement officials and that any and all treasonous individuals are brought before the courts of Guyana and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

When France was going through turmoil, subsequent to that period, all those who injured France paid by being executed by guillotine swiftly. Justice must prevail the world over.
Editor, Mr Roopnaraine rightly stated that catastrophe is in store for Guyana, yes, the same Guyana that borne and bred us, the same Guyana we all truly love so so much, and she has been injured by these reckless persons, not to further leave out from the equation that Madam Justice with her blindfolds on and the scale of justice in her hands, has been a silent witness throughout the entire façade, but cannot see, as her hands are holding her scales of justice and can’t remove her blindfolds, as Guyana awaits such catastrophe.

Yours truly,
M Shabeer Zafar
Barrister and solicitor,
Windsor, Canada

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