A call to remember – a succinct review of our history

A call to remember – a succinct review of our history

Dear Editor,
Many Guyanese who are au fait with our political history might resort to commemorate a repetition of the latter years of the last century. Why is it so important to engage in political warfare and not contemplating on the repercussions, seems to be a norm with no resounding profanity or regret.

If we are to examine the responsible persons, we would pellucidly observe that our elections for 2020 were inconclusive, it is like building a four corner home with a missing post. This would mean the structure would definitely collapse and result in multiple losses for this investment.

If we are to observe the games played by the electoral pioneers, one would see that the pioneers for the region in question awaited the trump cards for the opposition parties to be declared, namely Regions Three and Six. Once same was done, the persons who were tired became stronger than ever and those who were hospitalised suddenly recovered. Many Guyanese would have indicated that these actions were of no surprise, some even reported that it was politically mobilised/influenced. Some say the final declaration for the questionable region was endorsed by someone not employed by the electoral agency. However, these are just opinions since the evidence might be circumstantial or just too coincidental.

What is cold is that these actions perpetuated could not have been in any way deemed professional or truthful. The loopholes were evident to such a level that even the ordinary person who has no knowledge of the electoral process recognises this insult to their intelligence. This has already led to multiple retaliations and I would tend to agree with the statement by a politician that we must end the era of “Winner takes all”. Further to this imminent conclusion, I have listened to a prominent journalist making comparisons to a former President with regards to an election.

I wish to reiterate that this bears no comparison to a situation of electoral transgressions. I vividly recalled that election was declared free and fair with no electoral transgressions hence there can be no comparisons. More importantly, we are in 2020 and this is the era of modernisation and technological advancement.

Let us examine the leadership levels portrayed in this instant, it can be observed that the epoch of the 1960s onwards to the end of the century was a different era. Most persons in this political battle are from that era and somehow aspire that this transgression can occur with no hindrance.

What they fail to see is that the era in question where their leader would have managed similar elections, would have received the support of countries with communist state of management including the Soviet Union and stronghold countries of the Warsaw Pact. The Soviet Union no longer exists and most countries are resorting to democracy including the lead country of that Union, Russia. The era of electoral transgressions no longer exists and this sinful holocaust may now create sinful repercussions for our children and the future of our Guyana.

Many leaders across this planet have thrown their support for democracy and want it to be sustained at any cost. Should the pleas by the western and central countries be disregarded, does anyone know what will become of our country? Examining the coefficient of GINI and a few other indicators that propagates measurement of development, it can be seen we are not in a healthy state currently. If one should examine the UNDP’s report of 2018-2019 of Development, they can see supporting evidence. We should, therefore, concur and respect the pleas.

As a retired public servant, I am now worried like many families having connections to this country with regards to my children and grandchildren. Guyanese must be cognizant that the will of the people should instantaneously be respected. This is not about political mileage or parties, it’s about Guyana, no one will ever care or love this country like us. Do not put politics ahead of our country, put Guyana first!

George Phillips
Retired public servant

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