300 solar streetlights to be installed in five regions soon

300 solar streetlights to be installed in five regions soon

installation of about 300 solar streetlights in their communities before year-end.

This initiative is being undertaken through the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development’s Community Infrastructure Improvement Project (CIIP).
Coordinator of the Engineering Services at the Ministry, Naeem Khan, said the intervention is the first phase of a much wider programme that will continue next year.

“The idea is to ensure that all communities have streetlights so that residents can be safe.  We are looking to continue the programme with the intent of increasing the number of lights being installed moving forward. The programme as it is, we are looking at 5,000 streetlights over four years,” he said.

The ministry is consulting with stakeholders to identify the communities severely affected by the lack of this utility. Each region will be given 58 lights during this phase of the project.

“We want to make sure it is strategically placed where it is most needed; so we are currently assessing the regions, basically, a night audit. So, coming out from that audit, it will pave [the] way for where these lights will be placed,” Khan explained.

Since its establishment, the CIIP has benefited thousands of citizens and communities by enhancing safety and aesthetics and creating jobs.

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