21 days and nights gone

21 days and nights gone

Dear Editor,
On March 23, 21 days would have slowly, frustratingly, shamelessly, agonisingly, wickedly, riggedly, been allowed to go by, without any apparent light at the end of this dark period in Guyana’s electoral history.

Despite the bold statements and pleas of many, notably among Mr Hans Gaskin, former Minister and current son-in-law of Mr Granger, former Chairman of GECOM and Head of the army, Mr Joe Singh, ACDA, Justice Party and WPA (parties in APNU, although insignificant) and even others like GHK Lall (who, incidentally endorsed the coalition in the elections) are in one way or another correctly rejecting the count of the District (Region) Four votes, which was done from “Statements” and not the official, legitimate and transparent Statements of Poll, these shameless, PNC, AFC and GECOM bullies, intent on thieving the people’s votes, have attempted every trick in their rigging machinery, to cling on to power by their fingernails.

Guyanese have no reason to fear as these nails are so dirty and rotten that they must break, and their attempts would fail just as their policies and impositions for the last nearly five years in Government, have ignominiously failed.
The international community, Carter Center, regional organisations (OAS and Caricom) have all deemed the processes employed by GECOM for counting more than half of the ballots of District Four so flawed, tainted and done not in accordance with the law, that if used to declare a winner, it would result in such threatened international condemnation and sanctions that all Guyana would suffer the consequences.

I foresee restrictions on travel to meetings and conferences, expulsion or suspension from organisations like the OAS, the Commonwealth of Nations, and possibly others. This is the only reasonable conclusion one can arrive at after the reports of the observers are submitted to their respective bodies.

Are these the depths of unpatriotic behaviour and actions Mr Granger and his gang are prepared to take this country?
I, like the majority of Guyanese, hope “honesty and decency” (on which planks Mr Granger campaigned, and which obviously failed) are not only words to be used loosely, but in a Christian-like manner adhered to in accordance with the laws of Guyana, and the bible.

On another note, some are now calling for varying forms of “national front” “joint Government” etc.
My take is that the votes must be legally and honestly counted and the elected Government installed before any such call is considered.

The elections were not contested by either of the two parties (which secured more than 95 per cent of the votes, I think) on such a platform. This is just another “red herring” which smells like what it is.

With regards,
Harry N Nawbatt

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